List of Topics [1.8 - outdated]

This is a list of the topics relevant to Minecraft 1.8.  Minecraft 1.6 and 1.7 are covered here.

Some sample code can be found here.

List of Topics

~The most important Minecraft Classes
~The most important Minecraft Classes... continued

~Overview of Forge (and what it can do for you)
    Forge concepts
           Some general notes
           How Forge starts up your code (@Mod, @SidedProxy, etc)  
           Registering your classes
           Extra methods for vanilla base classes

    Block Rendering
       How Blocks are rendered
       Defining a Block Model JSON file
       Texturing the Block Model
       Troubleshooting Block Rendering
       Mapping IBlockStates to the right block model

      Item Rendering
      Troubleshooting Item Rendering

~Mining Blocks With Tools
    Logic flow of vanilla block mining code
    Calculating rate of damage when mining
General Rendering Topics
     Using the Tessellator for custom rendering
     How Lighting Works
~The Minecraft main game loop
~Processing User Input (Mouse, Keyboard)
~Client-side Class Linkage Map
~Server-side Class Linkage Map

~Client<-->Server communication
    Vanilla Client<-->Server Communication
    Client<-->Server communication using your own custom messages (SimpleNetworkWrapper)
    Thread safety with Network Messages