Friday, 27 December 2013

Forge - World generation, loading, saving

Registries for World generation, loading, saving

The registries involved in world generation are:
  • Dimension: DimensionManager.registerProviderType (in conjunction with WorldProvider) can be used to add new dimensions in addition to the Overworld, Ender, and Nether.
  • Terrain generation: GameRegistry.registerWorldGenerator(IWorldGenerator) – allows you to register an IWorldGenerator to generate new chunks as they are required.
  • Villages: VillageRegistry contains several methods to alter the random generation of village components (huts, farms, etc).
  • Biomes: There are a bunch of registries relating to Biomes that to be honest I don’t properly understand.  If you are interested, these are
    * GameRegistry.addBiome(BiomeGenBase).
    * BiomeManager.addSpawnBiome allows the new Biome to be used during random world generation,  .addStrongholdBiome and .addVillageBiome are used to control whether Strongholds and Villages will randomly spawn in this biome.
    * BiomeDictionary – types of Biomes (HILLS, PLAINS, etc)
  • Loot Chests: ChestGenHooks is used to create new types of random loot chests (DUNGEON_CHEST, VILLAGE_BLACKSMITH, etc).
  • Mob spawners: DungeonHooks addDungeonMob will let you add new mobs to the vanilla spawner.

New methods and classes

  • WorldProvider- has been modified to  allow player to override many methods related to a custom world they have made
  • IRenderHandler has been added to WorldProvider – it can be used by mods to perform a custom render of the sky or the clouds – setSkyRenderer() and setCloudRenderer(). 
  • Although Forge has added a rather tempting setAdditionalProperties() method to WorldInfo, the way it has been coded means it’s not actually useful for mods to use when storing permanent data about a world.    Use world.perWorldStorage instead (used by vanilla for villages, but can be hijacked for your own purposes relatively easily).


  • TickRegistry.registerTickHandler for WORLD ticks (every world update)
  • TickRegistry.registerTickHandler for WORLDLOAD event (when world is loaded)
  • WorldEvent.Load, .Unload, .Save

There’s an impressive pile of events related to world generation, biomes, loading and saving of chunks.  I don’t understand most of them so I’ll leave that for a later time.  Perhaps.

~Overview of Forge (and what it can do for you)
    Forge concepts
           Some general notes
           How Forge starts up your code (@Mod, @SidedProxy, etc)  
           Registering your classes
           Extra methods for vanilla base classes
     Forge summary - grouped by task
           World generation, loading, saving
           Miscellaneous - player input, rendering, GUI, chat, sounds


  1. I just discovered your blog and it has been wonderful for helping me to understand the game and add my own code. Thank you very much

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  3. Thank you for this blog. Learning Java is not difficult for me, but finding good information on how all the classes interact with each other can be elusive at times.